Adult Dentistry Services


Adult Dentistry Services

Dr. Rolfes provides comprehensive care and advanced restorative dentistry for adult patients. His experienced, knowledgeable and friendly Dental Hygienists are key members of the care team.

Dr. Rolfes has expertise in the following areas:

  • Strategies for a lifetime of stable and predictable dental health
  • Restorative and prosthodontic dentistry (beyond just reparative)
  • TMD/TMJ issues
  • Occlusion (how teeth fit and function together)
  • Dental implant restorations
  • Esthetics—high end veneer/crown work to rejuvenate smiles, with long lasting results
  • Complex restorative care such as significantly worn teeth, severe periodontal issues, or missing teeth requiring replacement with fixed or removable bridgework
  • Preventative care strategies and basic general dentistry
  • Conservative Periodontal Therapies
  • Minor orthodontics using Invisalign (clear aligning tray technology)
  • Snoring and sleep apnea appliances

Dr. Rolfes works with a team of exceptional and carefully chosen specialists when additional expertise is required for complete treatment, such as complex orthodontics, periodontics, endodontics, and implant surgery.

Our Oral Health Exam
Our oral health examination is comprehensive—likely, more thorough then any dental examination you have received before. Most new patients begin with this evaluation. Existing patients receive this complete evaluation on a periodic basis and when concern or circumstances indicate another comprehensive evaluation is appropriate.

The comprehensive exam begins with a conversation. Collaboratively, you and Dr. Rolfes will gain valuable insights as you talk about past dental experiences and your dental needs and desires. Understanding your circumstances and oral health objectives will help us provide you with the most appropriate care and help you achieve the results you want.

A Comprehensive Evaluation Includes:

  • A periodontal (gums) and soft tissue examination, including an oral cancer screening.
  • Evaluating your chewing muscles, and joints (TMJ) and bite, and how these work or do not work well together.
  • Assessing the health of each individual tooth and condition of existing dental work.
  • An evaluation and discussion of any esthetic concerns and what options might be available.
  • Taking appropriate images or X-rays. These may include images of your teeth, the entire jaw and any specific areas of concern. In some cases, patients are referred for more complex images (Cat-SCAN, MRI).

Sometimes, an additional appointment (called a Records Appointment) may be needed to gather precise information for making models of your teeth and studying how your teeth fit together. At this appointment, digital photographs may also be made of your face, teeth, and the soft tissues of your mouth. These records aid Dr. Rolfes in accurate diagnosis and thorough treatment planning prior to beginning any restorative work.

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