I was directed to Dr. Rolfes and his outstanding team by my wife’s co-worker, a little more than 15 years ago. I feel truly blessed to have been a patient of the “Smile Team.”

The care received has always been with the patient in mind and complete. Everyone takes a personal interest in your overall dental health, from the receptionist at the desk to Dr. Rolfes and the rest of the expert care team. Over the years I have referred many of my friends and associates to this practice with complete confidence.


About nine years ago, my dentist retired, and I was in need of finding a new dentist. A family member highly recommended Dr. Rolfes, so I made an appointment with him. At the consultation, Dr. Rolfes explained multiple issues with my teeth and what could be done to restore the beautiful teeth I had as a kid. I must admit I was somewhat reluctant having had bad experiences with dentists in the past but I proceeded with the plan, which included multiple visits. Dr. Rolfes was not only gentle, but also very understanding. The end result far exceeded my expectations. His staff is friendly and very professional. I would highly recommend Dr. Rolfes if you want a professional who is up to date on the latest technologies and can solve any of your dental needs. He gave me back my smile, and for that I am very grateful.


I met Dr. Rolfes when he became a partner with Dr. David Schmalz. At that time, I was a patient of Dr. Schmalz, and I did not become a patient of Dr. Rolfes until Dr. Schmalz retired. Dr. Rolfes treated me well, and over the years I developed a real trust in his dental judgment. In 2008, Dr. Rolfes proposed major dental repairs, including root canals, an implant, and 8 crowns (and he included a quantity discount ). I resisted the expense, but then I relied on the trust that Mike had earned.

The entire process was painless, professional, and best of all, changed my bite enough to eliminate the clicking of my jaw joints. The realignment that corrected my jaw was a bonus, since it could not be guaranteed. This dental work prepares my mouth for the next 20 years.

From one loving patient to his favorite dentist, Carl

I have been a patient of Dr. Rolfes for 15 years and was referred to him by another medical professional. I presented with a number of complex dental issues. He did a complete restoration, with staged procedures, involving bone grafts and a number of dental implants. Throughout the many procedures over a few years, he and his staff made me very comfortable, despite extensive surgery and some dental apprehensions I have always experienced.

Dr. Rolfes is highly competent in intricate planning and particularly meticulous with respect to the execution of the plan and all details. His excellent training and that of his staff is apparent in the imaginative approaches to my unique situation, and revisions to the plan where necessary. He and his staff were most professional–from the front office, who were always welcoming and hospitable, to his dental hygienists and other staff.

In conclusion, I could not be happier with the restoration, which appears quite natural. I have received many compliments on the aesthetic appearance of my teeth. I would recommend Dr. Rolfes and his staff for all dental work, both simple and complex.


I really do not know where to begin… How do you say thank you to someone who has made a direct profound impact on your life? I was thinking on my drive home how blessed and privileged I am for knowing you and your staff. I can’t help but think that God mapped out our meeting even before I was born. He seems to have always taken care of me by giving me the BEST CARE anyone could receive. Your kind words of encouragement and willingness to give me something in which I have never had (my Smile) goes beyond my comprehension. Just think that you didn’t even have to go to a third world country on a mission trip to give someone hope, confidence, and a renewed vision of life. You were able to do that right in Cincinnati Ohio, in your own office. I want you to know this is not just a letter; it’s a life you have touched. May God bless you for all you have done. Thank you for using your talents, skills, and abilities to change my life.

Sincerely Yours, Matt

Dr. Rolfes’ passion for dentistry is evident in the excellent treatment and care he delivers. He and his staff treat each patient with warmth, respect and compassion. Exceptional skills and great with all types of patients!

Jim Cassidy, DDS

As a specialist, I have the pleasure of working with may different dental professionals. I alway enjoy working with Dr. Rolfes. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable in his field and meticulous at his work, he is very personable and approachable. I always hear such positive feedback from his patients! In addition, he has surrounded himself with a very professional and accommodating office team. They always seem exceptionally cheerful and encouraging, not to mention skilled in what they do. It really is a pleasure to work with Dr. Rolfes and his entire team.

Kinnith R. Morris, Jr. D.M.D.,M.S.
Diplomate, American Board of Orthodontics
Northeast Orthodontics

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